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Poster: He Live's Date: Dec 23, 2007 1:42pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: EL PASO -- the peaks and valleys

one of the true THREE SETTERS from 1973.... i am sure all you astute heads have spent plenty of time on this but let's trot it out again in the name of el paso and big river. jerry did a lot of pickin but some of the BOB NUMBERS, he really took it on himself to lend a hand and PICK UP A STORM behind bobby as he rambled on about cowboys and uncles and six shooters, what have you.... but in particular, el paso and big river -- he played up a storm.... picket fences fly by in a whirl of dorothy inspired howling and there goes toto off on a magic carpet made of old newspapers:

Kezar, San Francisco 5/26/73

this incredibly hot show contains a sweet first set that ends with playin in the band, set two opens with Here comes sunshine, and set three closes down with other one>eyes>china doll>sugar magonlia......

and el paso didn't suffer a few years down the line... it eve got a little better.... in this PRISTINE RECORDING FROM EGYPT, the sound system seems to be finely tuned in and jerry's playing is extremely dramatic and crisp as he moves effortlessly between hot country pickin and white hot soul..... the band is in tune on this focused reading.

[...]el paso on the nile

the late 70s finds the band in new command of their dynamic, electric rig..... the sound they got in these years (76-80) is so full of warm sounds and fantastic "peaks and valleys" capability..... they stopped constantly pushing the boundaries of group improvisation and instead focused on perfecting the unanimous group sound, and ended up finding new gateways to expression in the process.... takin' it easy baby.....

[...]TLEO, 6-9-77

(RE: KEZAR SHOW, first set slow to get going, finally all coming together, but the beginning of the 2nd till the end is all TOPS, box of rain, a long unique china>rider, big river THEN bertha? and around? all before the blow out thrid set!)



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